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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an extended vehicle warranty?

It is sometimes known as a vehicle service contract or auto warranty, an extended warranty is an insurance policy that can be purchased by someone that will cover the costs of labor, repair, parts, and/or sales tax for specific repairs or replacements. They work very similarly to the manufacturer warranty that comes with most newly purchased vehicles.

Why buy an extended vehicle protection?

Buying Extended vehicle protection is a good idea if it covers vehicle systems that are likely to fail during the warranty period. You can check the Vehicle Service reviews or Consumer Reports for the predicted reliability of a vehicle you are planning to buy. If money is tight and you are buying a used vehicle, getting extended vehicle protection will provide some predictability for your budget, even if a major breakdown were to occur.

Do I really need an extended auto protection?

Your vehicle's a big investment, one of the biggest purchases a person will acquire. The longer it stays in top working condition, the more value and pleasure you get from your investment. Extended vehicle protection is designed to keep your investment safe. It will keep your vehicle in good, drivable shape without incurring the extra cost of repair.

If you consider that the average hourly rate a garage mechanic charges for his labor (at least $100 an hour), helps make the decision on whether to get extended vehicle protection for your automobile.

When can an extended protection be purchased?

For any new vehicle, the extended warranty is normally purchased within the first couple of years, but is different based on the specific manufacturer. In most cases a new vehicle has some sort of limited auto warranty.

Questions you should ask when purchasing an extended warranty?

1) How long does the protection last and what is the mileage limit?
2) Is it a manufacturers extended warranty or third party vehicle protection?
3) Does the extended vehicle protection have a deductible?
4) What is the limit amount per claim?
5) Is the protection bumper to bumper or does it only cover specific systems?